Cravings..Salty or Sweet

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10/21/2014 by therudster23

 As you can see the topic of this blog post is..


By definition craving is- a powerful desire for something. We all have them. Some people crave sweet foods and some people crave salty. In my younger and less “healthy” days when all I cared about was it sugar free or fat free ( so silly I know) I loved loved anything gummy and sweet. Swedish fish, gummy rings, life saver tummies, Peach Os, Sour Patch and everything in between.


I always used to think it’s fat free, sugar free GREAT! “What in the world was I thinking?”says both my mom and my dentist. Let’s just say my cravings have changed quite a bit since then.


Check out those ingredients, no wonder I always had stomach pains and bloating!

As I have gotten older, my knowledge and palate have both changed. I wouldn’t be caught dead eating any of those candies. I have absolutely no craving or want for any of them. Now bring on the dark chocolate! I love the richness of dark chocolate, not to mention a little bit goes a long way. I treat myself to a Dove Dark Chocolate square topped with some almond butter almost every night 🙂


My top 3 cravings: Veggie Pizza, Frozen Yogurt and Dark Chocolate. If you don’t crave pizza,we can not be friends 😉 Don’t worry I am only kidding! I am still a sweets girl at heart ❤  On occasion, I may have the craving for a big bowl of Skinny Pop.

I used to start my morning on a sweet note with a big bowl of oats with almond butter and banana, but since transitionally to the Paleo Lifestyle I love savory breakfasts with eggs, avocado and sweet potato. It is so interesting how our taste buds can change.

My question for all of you is this…

How often to you “give in” or indulge in cravings?

I have struggled with the idea of giving into cravings for a while now. Sometimes I feel the guilt of ” I just ate, I shouldn’t be craving ____”. It may seem silly to some, but I am just being honest. While other days I am all for the TREAT YOURSELF mantra. I am just hoping to find a healthy balance. I have been experiencing more cravings than usual.

I found this chart so interesting. Has anyone ever seen one before?

What do you crave?

Salty or Sweet?

How often do you indulge in cravings?


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