Hello September!


09/01/2014 by therudster23



As September arrives, I have mixed emotions about summer ending. Although there is nothing better than hot days, long runs outdoors, BBQs, and driving with my top down in my convertible! But on the other hand, I would definitely say that Fall is my favorite season. I love wearing big comfy sweaters, Uggs, scarves, and not to mention it’s pumpkin season! 



Every month I try and reflect on the previous month and what I can look forward to or improve on in the coming month. Well, there is nothing like the first day of September to make some new goals. In order to keep myself accountable, the best thing for me to do is to write them down.


  • Continue to be consistent with Paleo- In order to see change/results you must be consistent!

  • Continue adding variety into my workouts



  • Unplug more-  Sometimes I find myself getting way to wrapped up in social media scrolling through my timeline, and my cell phone in general ( text messages, emails etc.) My goal is to unplug from my phone for at least 2-3 hours a day.

  • Call more, text less- Instead of using my phone to always send a text, I want to take the time out to actually call my family members. Our society has become so socially inept, we use text messaging for everything. Nothing beats a  the feeling that someone took time out of their day to actually have a telephone conversation, and I must remember that!

  • Budget- Being more money conscious, realizing what is necessary and what is not.

  • Live in Today– Sometimes I get so catch in the moment of planning my future, I forget to enjoy today. Definitely something I plan to work on.


  •  Spending more time with God– I do attend church almost every Sunday, but that isn’t what I mean.I have a very strong faith and belief in God. However, I need to get better at simply spending alone time with God each day, just praying. I have been blessed with so many things daily, and I need to show more gratitude, and further strengthen my relationship with him.


I am looking forward to September and all that it brings. Happy Labor Day everyone, hope you all are eating some delicious eats and drinks, and most importantly spending time with the ones you love most ❤



Do you have any goals/changes you would like to make for September? List one below.

What is your favorite thing about fall?


One thought on “Hello September!

  1. Ashley @MilesonOats says:

    So much love for you and supporting your goals. I will help by encouraging more time with Christ (we should go to a service together this month), tagging you in paleo recipes ;), and I hope to unplug more as well. I’ve found that the more ‘me time’ and less ‘internet time’ I spend before bed helps me focus on my goals for the next day, not someone else’s.

    Liked by 1 person

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